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Visual Effect Lab



I. Introduction

  1. Pixar is one of the most successful computer animation companies in the world. Even though other good companies are coming up, the Pixar Company is one of the most successful companies because of its high reputation and quality products.
  2. The Pixar Animation Studio is a computer animation studio based in Emeryville, California.
    1. It was founded in 1979 and produces Computer Generated Imagery (CGI).
    2. The development of sophisticated Pixar Imaging Computer, brought the company into the limelight. Although the product did not sell well in the market, Pixar gained the attention of a giant company, the Walt Disney Studios.
    3. The two companies made a production deal in 1991, which led to the production of Toy Story.

II. Body

  1. One of the reasons that Pixar is one of the most successful companies in the world is because it produces high quality products using highly innovative processes.
    1. The films undergo four stages.

- Development Stage.

- Preproduction Stage.

- Production Stage.

- Post-production stage.

2. The process of producing a high quality film starts with an employee of the company coming up with an idea and selling it to the audience.

3. The next stage involves writing the text treatment, which is a short document that summarizes the thesis behind the film.

4. After writing the idea, a storyboard is drawn.

5. The voice talent recording begins after the storyboard is drawn.

6. Professional actors record the character voices while reading from scripts.

7. The editorial group then makes videotapes to validate the sequence of the story.

8. The art department creates inspirational art and illusions of the characters and the world they live in.

9. The art department sculpts the characters.

10. Scanning, dressing and hinging the characters in 3-D are the next steps in creating a near reality picture.

11. The story is translated into 3-D scenes.

12. The company uses a variety of software to enhance the image.

-The Pixar animation software animates the models

- The “shaders” software allows for color variations.

13. Digital light is then used to lit the scenes and create different moods.

14. Rendering the computer data to make sure that all the information in the file in combined into a single frame of film

15. The editorial team puts the final touches to the film.

III. Body

  1. Another of Pixar’s strengths lies in the use of highly sophisticated and advanced technology that ensures the production of high quality films.
    1. RenderMan.
    2. Pixar’s tractor.
    3. RenderMan studio.
    4. RenderMan Pro Server.
    5. Renderman for Maya.

IV. Conclusion

  1. One of the main reasons that Pixar commands such a high appeal to its audience is the use of its unique 3-D animation tools. The tools help in creating a balance between artistic expressions and believability. Some of the company’s famous masterpieces are A Bug’s Life, Toy Story and Finding Nemo. The company also gives it characters and scenes exquisite attention, which is evident with the final product. Pixar also does not shy away from experimenting with new technology, which is one of the distinguishing aspects between Pixar and other companies. Even though other good companies are coming up, the Pixar Company is one of the most successful companies because of its high reputation and quality products

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